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Access Controls
Any of our gates can be fitted with a wide range of safety accessories, additional locking and security devices and access control equipment to maintain higher levels of safety and security.

We offer residential and commercial customers the complete gate package with beautifully made gates, professional installation with options like automation and our range of security and access control systems all combined into a single project by our team. Through their experience we guarantee exceptional workmanship and customer service at every stage to give you the perfect gateway system for your home or business property.

The gate alone creates a superb barrier for any property. However where security is of utmost importance we can offer additional options to enhance safety and security. Electric and magnetic locks are very common and can be easily adapted to suit practically all entrance gates and even pedestrian gates for multi user entrances such as flats and apartments. We can supply a whole host of products from basic radio receivers to high specification access control, which can be operated using remote transmitters, or proximity tags and card swipe systems. EGS offers the right products to suit your needs and at the right price.

Properly installed automated gates should provide the end user with years of reliable and safe operation. Automated gates by their very nature do however pose a potential risk. All our installations are designed to comply with UL regulations and guidelines, in particular new UL 325.Safe and reliable gate systems need to have every aspect of the job properly installed to the highest standards. From the initial digging and setting of posts and hanging gates, right through to correct cabling and wiring. All motors and control panels are rigorously tested to the highest standards.

Safety Photocells
Safety Photocells produce an infra-red safety beam which are invisible to the naked eye – but they provide a fail safe ‘beam’ which if interrupted stops the gate from closing onto an obstruction. We can also offer battery powered and solar powered photocells where necessary. On swing gates it would be common to install a set of Safety Photocells to cover the gate opening area, immediately in front of the gate ‘closed’ position, to provide a ‘safety zone’ over the gate swing area to prevent people being hit while the gate is in motion.

Safe edge sensors
These are often fitted to heavy usage sliding gates where they are fitted to the leading edge of the gate leaf. These work by stopping the gate when it comes into contact with an object. They are soft rubber with electrical contacts inside that when contact is made the safety edge sends a command to the control panel to stop the gate, so the object or person that the gate came into contact with is protected. These can be used on swing gates and sliding gates alike and are particularly useful as an additional safety device when used in conjunction with safety photocells.

Induction Loops
Buried underneath the driveway surface and consist of electrical wire, which are usually laid into a rectangular shape loop create a coil. This loop produces a small magnetic induction field when a small electrical current is passed through. This magnetic field is then capable of detecting metallic objects that pass over the ‘induction loop’ such as when a vehicle passes over the loop. This can then be set up to prevent the gate opening or closing onto the object. Induction loops can also be set up to provide automatic entry or exit in the same way, so that a vehicle can trigger the gate to open as it passes over the loop without having a transmitter or keypad.
See Loop Layout

Card Access Systems
Card Access Systems are "custom" designed for your individual needs. We specialize in one to however many gates and sites you want to control. EGS has several access systems to meet your needs, some of which can serve as an intrusion system for your facility.

Keypad, Push Button and  Keyswitch access
View our EGS Keypad

EGS can offer key operated devices such as a Keyswitch, which will operate your gate system by using an actual key – perfect for users who may decide that remote control transmitters are not suitable.

Simple external grade push buttons can be used in any situation so that a basic push of a button will activate the automated gate, very popular as an ‘exit button’ where visitors have been let in and need to let themselves out of the property. In addition Digital Keypads allow users to simply enter a sequence of numbers as a code to operate the gates – these are available as simple small keypads that can be wireless and battery powered or as part of a complete Intercom system. Keypad codes can be changed at any point to maintain security.

Telephone access control
systems can be very simple  where a visitor pushes a button that rings a telephone inside the house or office, the gate can then be released with a push of a button – these can be hard wired or cordless and battery powered where necessary. More elaborate telephone systems allow the integration of video monitors and digital keypads and can be suitable for multiple properties that use a single gateway entrance.

7 day / 24 hour Timers
can be very useful with automated gate systems. These products can be set up so that the gates can open or close automatically at a designated time each day – they can be individually programmed for each day where necessary, such as opening between 9 and 10am to allow for milkman and postman to make their deliveries but then set up not to open at all on a Sunday. Push buttons and keypads can be run through timers, so that the push button or keypad can only be used during certain time periods throughout the day.

Magnetic and Electric Locks are very popular accessories which provide additional security.
12 Volt electric locks can add a good degree of additional security. The advantage with these types of locks is that the gate control system sends a command to the electric lock - this releases the lock before the gate can then be opened. The electric lock ‘fails safe’ which means that in the event of a power cut the gate remains locked shut. Magnetic locks are supplied with metal plates which hold together firmly when in contact with one another. The magnetic lock requires a low voltage power supply to remain locked. They are designed to withstand a variety of forces, our most common mag-lock is rated to provide (1200 lb) of holding force.
These locks can be used on manual pedestrian gates as well as automated entrance gate systems.

No matter what your requirements for gateway security and access control at home or work, put it in the hands of the specialists at EGS Gates; contact us today and we can arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with one of our friendly team.


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